Agile Foundations

I would like to challenge you to work on your Agile Behavior. We put together 5 challenges with low impact on your time (max. 10 minutes), but which will challenge your day-to-day behavior towards Agile. I hope you enjoy doing the challenge.

Agile Foundations

Agile Foundations
18-19 September 2019

Do you want to learn more about Agile? On September 18-19 we will teach the Agile Foundations training in the Netherlands. Through experiential learning you get hands on experience with Agile.

Day 1: Agile Manifesto

The Agile Manifesto is about values, not about tools, processes or techniques. How Agile is your organisation?

Day 2: The backward bike

Knowledge ≠ understanding. Do you really understand Agile? How you can improve your Agile learning? How you can practice more?

Day 3: Time-to-market

How can you improve your time-to-market? Did your time-to market change a lot last years? And what about your competitors?

Day 4: Marshmallow Game

Have you ever tried the Marshmallow game with your team? I encourage you to do this in your next team meeting. It will be fun but you will also learn a lot about your team regarding instant feedback and learning.

Day 5: Decentralize decision-making

Who takes frequent and time critical decisions in your organization? I hope it is not the boss, but the team itself. How you can stimulate decentralize decion-making in your organization?

Why Accenture Academy

Accenture SolutionsIQ has a global network of certified Agile trainers, coaches and implementation experts. Get Hands-On with our Agile Experts. Learn by doing. Accenture SolutionsIQ trainings allow you to get hands-on with seasoned Agile practitioners, who have more than a theoretical understanding of building Agile enterprises, but know what works and what doesn’t.

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